by Change of Loyalty



released December 20, 2011



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Change of Loyalty Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Her Dirty Mouth
She Took Her Clothes Off
She Loved To Have Her Little Fantasies
But I Knew That She Only Wanted To Use Me Like A Toy

Time To Make Her Cry

She Was A Young Girl Without Any Filth
So Let's Look At Her Right Now
Perfect Creature
Wich Made And Born For Love
And For Friendship

Concentrate! Oh Satan Is It Your Deals?
Do Not Be The Same! Unfortunately We Cant Save Her, That's All
Realize! What Have You Done? Maybe This Is Your Fault? I Really Think So

Stop! I Can't Just Imagine You In This
Awful Clothes, Awful Places, Awful Memories Again
You And Me Could Be Together Every Day And Night
Creating And Giving Things That Make Us Close
If Loving You Is The End, Please Turn Off The Lights Right Now

Cursing All Your Thoughts
Madness's Coming Into Desire
Open Your Eyes! They Are Right In My Hands

Oh Sorry! It Was Only A Blurred Understanding

Open Your Mouth! Never Talk And Never Bill
Turn Off The Light! We're Starting The Func
What Do You Think? While Swallowing My Cum
Who Do You Imagine? While Meeting Me

Dirty Whore You've Never Been So Sure
To Forget This Work And Fall In Love
Right Now!

Stop Doing It Cause You
Never Know The Love And Joy Of Life
You'll Be Scum!

You And I So Beautiful
You And I
Track Name: Loneliness
I Can Shoot It Out
I Am Ready To Die
My World And My Soul Are Empty
And My Loneliness Is Closer To Me
Cause My Lonelines'll Give Rise To Unrest

Crucify Your Soul! Rise!
Crucify Your Sense!
Just Like It Took My Breath Away
When She Left Me
I Wanna Know How To
In This Awful, Ugly, Hopeless World!

And Just Bring Me Out Of Here
And You'll Save Your Loyalty
So Try To Make Your Fuckin Choice!
And You'll Save Your Faith
For The Faithless

I Promise You To Blow It All Away
All Away

I'm On My Way From Misery To Happiness Today
I Promise You To Blow It All Away

Love Will Never Be The Same For Me
Love Will Never Be The Same For Those Who Are Angry
For Those Who Made Of Stone
Love Will Never Be The Same For Those Who Have No Feeling
For Those Who Think That Cannot Love Again

My Loneliness Is Turns Everything To Dust
My Loneliness Is Just A Waste Of Time
My Loneliness Is A Grave
Track Name: The Last Word (ft. Mark Mironov)

Burn Me Like A Sun
And Give A Freedom
Look In To My Eyes
Don't Let Me Fall
Like A Rebel Yell
Write You In 3 Days
We Will Fight
For All That We Have

Are You Devastator?
Are You Regular?
Fate Is Chance
Are You Devastator With Your Own Suffering

Burn Me Like A Sun
And Give A Radiance
Look At Me
I Am Last One Warrior
Are You Devastator?
Are You Regular?
I Am Wicked Man
Who Cuts Off Your Fucking Head

Never Let That Shit Bring You Down
You Can Just Fight Back With Time...Waste
Your Idleness's Shit
Your Salvation Is

Never Let That Shit Bring You Down
You Can Just Fight Back With Time

Words Are All I Have
To Take Your Heart Away

It Is Good Day To See You Today
Only You Can Make This World Seems Ok
It Is A Power Of This Tragedy
When The River Flows In You

All Time We'll Be Forever Young
Like A Mary Jane
All Time We'll Be Forever Young
When The River Flows In You
Track Name: Suck It
There Was A Party
I Got Drank And High So Fucking Hard
It Was A Time To Go Home
Suddenly I Met A Girl
She Was Pissed And Wet
And I Wanted To Fuck Her Now

Lying On A Bench
While She's Sitting On Me
Even Man With A Dog
Cant Take His Eyes Off Us
Will She Suck
Oh God! She's So Ugly
Will She Lick

Suck It! You're Gonna Love It!
Cause You're Awful, Ugly Bitch
Track Name: Wintering
Until I Lose My Soul And My Device
I Will Believe In Something Big
Believe And It Will Come
Millions Of Teachers
Don't Even Give Advice
Never Give Up
That's What I Need!

All Suggestions Relegated For
Those Who Never Tried To Do The Best They Can

Beat The Air! It Makes You Now - Fucking Useless
That's All - Humiliating!

You Was My North, My South, My East And West,
My Working Week And My Sunday Rest,
My Noon, My Morning, My Talk, My Song
I Thought That Love Would Last Forever: I Was Wrong
Oh I Was Fucking Wrong

Fight For Glory
And We Cry Out
We've Been Lost And Now We Try To Find Out
Who's Your Dad? Who's Your God? Who Is That Guy With Mouth Full Of Shit

Fight For Glory
You Don't Need That
Who Said About Judgment Day?
Fight For Glory! You Must Stop That!
Or You'll Die Like Every Motherfucker

Turn The Lights On
We Are Starting Our Game
The Last Game In Your Fucking Life
Only You Deserve The Praise
Only You Deserve The Love
Only You Deserve The Thanks
In Your Fucking Life
Track Name: Double Trouble
Stop Listening To Her And Hold Your Breath
You Won't See Her Eyes. It's Just A Lie
Stop Proving Me That You Were Wrong Again
I Have Said You Need A Rest
To Think, To Realize
You Must Forget And Recognize
Stop Proving Me
That You Was Wrong Again, Again And Again

What Have You Told Us At All?
Most Of Us Believe That This Is Wrong.

Is This Not Your Last Suffering?
Reincarnation Is Your Last Chance!

Turn It Back Again
It Is Never Ending
Bring It Back Again

What Have You Told Us At All?
Is This A Real Thing We Want To Hear?
Most Of Us Believe That This Is Wrong
Track Name: Thousands of Voices
I Realized All Voices In My Mind
Looking For Place To Land From The Mountains
Mountains Of Lies And Broken Hearts
Time To Forget
I Realized All Voices In My Mind
Time To Reflect

Once You Fucked My Life
I'll Try To Survive

Look...Thousands Of Voices
Will Not Be Heard
Try To Leave It
And Open Eyes

Wanna See Your Blindness All The Time
Never-Ending Lies
Inside Your Mind

My Last Broken Wings
Will Fly Away
At Last
Crushed Face Is What You Have
Last Broken Wings
Will Be Planning Of The Heartbreak Land

Holy Shit
Track Name: N.A.T.A.S.H.A. (ft. Ilya Sannikov)
Pray! Or You Will Die
I'm Not Your God. Not Your God
Pray! To Save Your Life
This Is Not Collision Of Broken Hearts

While The River Burst Its Banks
I Will Lose Ones Temper. No! I Will Not Be
I Will Not Be Dumb
No! Farewell Tears
Like A Fucking Faggot
Do Not Be Weak!

This Situation And Throw Away
All These Unwanted Thoughts And Words
Meet Your Friends! Tell Them All
That You Was Just An Idiot! Let You Understand!
Empty Regret

Bare Your Heart! Х2
Don't Knock At An Open Door.
Run From The Trouble, From The Sun, From The Future
I Would Not Complain
And I Will Not Leave
Like A Flower In The Field
Of The Moon
You'll Never Be Alone

You Will Live

Than You'll Ask Me One Question
I Guess It Be 'Who Am I?
I Don't Know The Answer
Than You'll Ask Me One Stupid, Fucking Question
It Be Who You Are
I Don’t Know The Answer

Why We Fight For Nothing?
No One Here Knows The Answer

This Situation. Run!
From Your Life!
Run From The Trouble, From The Sun, From The Future
I Would Not Complain And I
Will Not Leave
Like A Flower In The Field
Of The Moon
You'll Never Be Alone
Track Name: Messed Up
See You At The Finish Line,
If You Got A Heart
We’ll Be The Leaders Of A Generation

Memory Will Never Die
But Your Love Is Already Dead
Equal Domination Doesn't Work When The People Lie
They Just Want To Hide Your Soul
Like A Virgin In Hell
Will Be
Torn To Pieces
Let It Be And Know Your Name

This Is Our Last Statement
Check This Out
Forsaken Creed
Is So Amazing
You Will Be Charged For Your Worthless Life
Never Be Rude To A People’s Faith
To A People's Faith
World'll Never Be The Same
With Its Own Suffering
My Wasted Force Is Burning
Your Bravery's Revoked
You Re The Guest Of Freedom
You Re The Army Of The Earth
Turn It Back And Run
Hey Boy It's Not Your Leading, Cause You Re Living In Nowhere
Hey Boy Your Eyes're Bleeding
Cause You’re Living In Your Mind