Two Steps To Her Bed

by Change of Loyalty



released January 13, 2010



all rights reserved


Change of Loyalty Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Change Of Loyalty - 8 Sluts

Pay for themselves And for their tragedy
Do you like there killings?
Or love to feel free?
Pay for themselves And die
Pay for themselves and run
Just let you know that I will find you

Burning alive a game you play with
Thousand souls And thats your road
When you call my name
I ll play that role

Guns for all and all for guns. Breed!
Girls and boys will always see.Creed!

Sit down and wait your suicide
How should we lead our child to god
We chose your game over
Your broken life
Go and dance with your choice
We chose your role, we chose your game over
You're right
You're right. Go fuck your politics.
When compliments will make from you god
And lies burning your face
Crime! Will rise and you will justified
Lies! Will burn your fucking face

Pay for themselves
Pay for themselves, for it all
Brakes for me. I cant cope

Hey! Listen to your soul
We need you to be here
Rise is part of your life
We ll play that role

Save your life from those
Who dont care
Of broken tragedies
We ll brake the sun

Why should we wait for death
Looking for place where we can change the world
Why should we wait for death
Fuck that! Misery! You will be failed!
Track Name: Change Of Loyalty - Girls Of War
Girls of War

When broken heart destroys all your life
And take away with it life and soul
When broken heart destroy all your life
We'll stay with you just because we're friends
We'll improve your mind

So that letter to you
I think
You cannot find a truth
My ptience had come
To an end
You must wake up and roll
You lose that game
And chick jyust beat you
No! You can't be fool
You can't be asshole
When you prefer destroy yourself
We will stop it
When you prefer destroy yourself
We will change your own
And make it real
Fuck her! And let her cry!

Last night
I tried to leave - she cried so much
You like it! You love to feel like fucking cunt
But mistakes are not war crimes
Bit by bit, she'll make a dick from you
One day you'll see her fucking face
She will suck your bestfriend's cock
But that'll be time when you have no pride
And you'll kill them both
Die! You're fucking traitors

Stop! Let's dance and feel the freedom
But stay cool and you'll stay strong
Love will fill you all
Love is just a part of world

So it's time
When you can choose only one
To be or not to be
With this disgusting whore

Track Name: Change Of Loyalty - Sin City
Sin city

Think for yourself
Sea surrounds me
Sea of broken lifes
In my bed
Tons of lies

Falling with a crowd
Its not time to smile
Business now! Not that time!

For one more day

Tips for soldiers and families for what this world became
Come on and get some
We re getting stronger at last

Fight for yourself
No turning back
Burn them in hell
We just want to live in peace

To be free

Come on and get some
Well. Looking through my life
Be free! A world is place belongs to us
Go fuck yourself

Tips for soldiers and families for what this world became
What`ll you do for loving
If it's back from where you came
My disfunction's ok
Pray for your death
For fucking world, for those who burn em now

Dont move,dont speak,dont feel no pain
Will you like that?
Run away from sin city . This decision saves your live

Ok guys! Kill those fucking cops
Ready to die

Run away
They will burn a crowd and yousee crime
Business now,not that time
Falling with a law
Constitution is right on my side
Track Name: Change Of Loyalty - She Is Shemale

We will break the silence
Your questions
Are you ranger to live this way?
Complain about all miseries
Are you ranger to live this way? Between two broken worlds and odds

Are you ranger to feel this way? You still have my heart in your hands

Dont be just a whore
Dont forget me. We'll play with your own faith

Go find your death
We'll trace you
Go find majority just before you learn
That she said
Goodbye my dear I ll rape your mind
Stop. Stop walking
Why does the royalty makes today the hell
We ll help you
On your fucking way
Get down
We re playing in this game
Without any rules And pride
Show me what you got

Calling us no good you are the social enemies
We change the people day to day

Playing in this game is pretty fun for me
But lot of people think that I dont care
They cannot! they cannot tell a lie
Just watch how they burning down

Time to say goodbye
So you scream,you cry
Dont be so upset
But I cant score in one hole

Continue walk. Just a perfect day for me
Continue walk. I cant never get enough.
Play again. Its just a perfect game for me And you
Play again . Its just a perfect day for me

We ll not go down
In the night without a light
You cant fix your mistakes
I was trying save you from you
We ll not go down
And we can choose what we should do
I think you need now
That I am gonna kill you

Die! i hate you! I admit my defeat.